I’m Jodi Carpenter, the owner and one of the visual branding and graphic designers behind Red Five Design Co. and Carpenter Invitations & Design. We collaborate one-on-one with small business owners with big hearts (like you!) to create beautifully designed visual identities, print collateral, and WordPress websites to help you elevate your marketing. 

Red Five Design Co. consists of a team and partners that include designers, illustrators, photographers, marketing geniuses, copywriters, SEO experts, printers, and more. We put together this fantastic team to help your small business represent and promote the benefits of your business and brand to your customers effectively. At Red Five Design Co., we bring agency-level design and expertise to the same task while saving you money.

Professional design is what brings your brand and business to life. We are proud to offer discounted pre-paid packs and subscriptions in addition to our hourly set rate for different budgets and needs. This guide outlines some of our offerings and shares a bit of our process. Please feel free to get in touch if questions arise.

Thank you for the opportunity to share what we do with you!